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MVLGamingAndTechnologies was founded In May2021 with a sole motive to make people earn coin using their skill. DICE EARN is the first game introduced in the series.

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Refund Policy

  1. Refund Policy.

A transaction, once confirmed, is final and no cancellation is permissible. MVL GAMING AND TECHNOLOGIES  ,

DICE EARN may, in certain exceptional circumstances and at its sole and absolute discretion, refund the amount to the User after deducting applicable cancellation charges and taxes.

    1. Except as expressly stated in these Terms, you acknowledge and agree that any Order Prices and fees and/or payments paid by you to MVL GAMING AND TECHNOLOGIES  in connection with your use of the Site/app and any Services are non-refundable.  If you reasonably believe that you have been wrongfully charged an amount by us you may notify us and request a refund. The tools within your Account should provide you with the means to do so, and in any event, you may contact us via our Support Service. Please be aware that we will not consider any such refund request unless you include full details of the disputed transaction, including the relevant dates, payment details, and a short explanation as to why the amount is disputed. If we, in our sole discretion, find that an amount has been wrongfully charged we will, as your sole remedy, refund you that amount.